Custom Local Purchasing Programs

Vine Line Produce Distribution is a Great Lakes food grower, packer, and distributor. Since 1933, our commitment to the highest product quality and the highest standards for service have stood the test of time. For over 40 years, we have been a market leader in distributing Michigan fruit and vegetables. In the last decade we have expanded our local product line into meats, cheese, and eggs. Today, once gain we are expanding our local line up to include:

  • An expansion in the number of local contract growers we work with.
  • Increasing local volume and local offerings.
  • Adding a full line of frozen local produce.
  • Repurposing our apple orchard with high density trees with the most popular apple varieties.

In addition to our local product lines, we also stock 3,000 SKU’s in non-local items.

Centralized Billing

Centralized billing is available for multi-location customers and/or franchise operations. Vine Line Produce Distribution invoicing provides location level shipments and credits for assisting centralized operations and/or franchisors.

Customized Vendor Portals

Vine Line Produce Distribution  provides a highly customized order portal that integrates real time with our customers’ order platform for ordering, invoicing, credits, and payments. For example, customized customer profiles are available in our order portal that allow for a highly customized list of:

  • Approved locations for delivery.
  • Individuals that are authorized to place orders.
  • Product ordering restrictions.
  • Approved substitute products.
  • Specialized invoicing and auto generated reports.

Our vendor portal integrates in real time with most customer order systems including online ordering, invoicing, credits, and payment. In addition, our system informs customers if an item is out of stock, provides the estimated next delivery date, and lists of approved substitutes.  

Farmer's Market Programs

Many of Vine Line Produce Distribution's customers offer Local Farmer’s Market Programs. As a leading local supplier, Vine Line Produce Distribution assists in the planning for Farmer’s Markets using best practices, providing local product to fill in product gaps, and providing refrigerated trailer and van solutions.

Six Day Delivery Schedule

Vine Line Produce Distribution offers delivery six days per week Monday through Saturday including holidays. Orders placed by the designated order cut-off time will be delivered next day. In addition, Vine Line Produce Distribution offers same day delivery for an additional fee. We also have the ability to track delivery ETA’s and provide our customers with up to the minute updates.

Cold Chain Management

Vine Line Produce Distribution provides Cold Chain Management as a core service offering to every customer. Our entire supply chain is best in class. From our facilities to our refrigerated trailers, we’ve made the extra investments to preserve the integrity of the cold chain. As a result, Vine Line Produce Distribution delivers the industries highest quality product and the best shelf life day in and day out. 

Produce is protected from damage by heat and extreme cold by wrapping trailers airtight in our loading docks before the doors are even opened. Our inbound trucks are required to maintain consistent product refrigeration. Further, each zone within a refrigerated trailer is tested before trailers are loaded and upon receipt at our facility. In addition, our nine warehouse coolers are designed to maintain product at ideal temperatures based on the product requirements we carry.