Store Resets

We know retail. The majority of Heeren’s Account Managers were Produce Managers or Store Owners prior to their current role as Account Managers. They’re among the produce industry’s best merchandisers. Our Account Managers work as a team to highlight best practice opportunities, generate new ideas, and execute the customer produce department reset. Many customers have a reset once per year. Areas addressed include the overall department lay-out, customer experience while walking through the department, displays, lighting, and temperature control where needed. Assigned to each customer account, our Account Manager’s responsibilities include planning and executing produce department resets (or a marker over) intended to assist the retail customer is selling more product.


Our Account Managers are experts and understand consumers’ shop with their eyes. This means day to day presentation is imperative to keep product selling. After the Store Reset, we work with customers’ to keep the product looking fresh. Our Account Managers are hands on and spend at least 2 to 4 days per month at a customer location.

Customer Training

Heeren’s Account Managers are involved with the Store Manager and Produce Department training on:

  • Product harvest regions.
  • Attributes of the product.
  • Nutritional information.
  • Quality control education.
  • Product rotation.
  • Running a successful produce department.

Centralized Billing

Centralized billing is available for multi-location customers and/or franchise operations. Heeren invoicing provides location level shipments and credits for assisting centralized operations and/or franchisors.

Cold Chain Management

Heeren provides Cold Chain Management as a core service offering to every customer. Our entire supply chain is best in class. From our facilities to our refrigerated trailers, we’ve made the extra investments to preserve the integrity of the cold chain. As a result, we deliver consistently high quality product and shelf life, day in and day out. 

Produce is protected from damage by heat and extreme cold by wrapping trailers airtight in our loading docks before the doors are opened. Inbound trucks maintain consistent product refrigeration. Further, each zone within a refrigerated trailer is tested before trailers are loaded and upon inbound receipt at our facility. In addition, our nine warehouse coolers are designed to maintain product at ideal temperatures based on the product requirements we carry.