Food safety compliance is imperative to our business in order to protect our suppliers, customers and the end consumer. In fact, it’s one of our ‘Core Values.’ This dedication ensures that product shipped is maintained in the safest environment possible until delivery.

Vine Line Produce Distribution’s relentless food safety program ensures that our partners remain at the forefront of food safety compliance to meet the growing demands from retailers, institutions and food service customers. In addition, we provide hands-on support to help our partners establish and improve their own food safety programs. 

Food safety is embedded in our culture and is reflected in our daily operations, internal quarterly audits, and our annual certification process. Vine Line Produce Distribution requires at least an annual USDA and/or Primus GFSI certification throughout our supply chains including our suppliers and growers, orchards and facilities. 


Vine Line Produce Distribution’s food safety program does not stop once an order has been filled. Our recall process is nimble and focused. Within a few hours, we can proactively identify the product and partners impacted by the recall, then communicate to all stakeholders who may be impacted. Dedicated stakeholder post-sale support in the event of a recall due to a food safety concern means we quickly recover and replace the recalled product.