Mobile Applications

This Mobile Privacy Notice summarizes your privacy rights regarding our collection and use of your personal information. It applies to Vine line Produce Distribution, and our Mobile Application (App) services. By installing and using this App you agree to our use of your personal information as summarized below and as described in our full Privacy Policy.(link)  In order maximize the benefits of the App, this mobile short notice lists the App’s optimal collection practices. You’ll be able to opt-in or modify collection settings according to your phone’s privacy settings.

Vine Line Produce Distribution develops mobile apps for installation and use at our customers on their servers/networks, not by/for Vine Line Produce Distribution.  Therefore, Vine Line Produce Distrubtion. does not directly collect, use or share any user information via their apps.


Location: If you authorize on your device, we access geo-location data (GPS and network-based) to provide our customers’ users a customized experience and to track the location of delivery vehicles.
Phone/Device ID and Call Information: If you authorize on your device, we access phone status and identity to enable our customers to provide personalized service.
Photos/Media/Files storage: If you authorize on your device, we permit the capture of pictures of video and access the contents of your USB storage during the delivery process.
Networking and Connections: If you authorize on your device, we access network and WiFi connections to ensure we have connectivity during operation.  We also access Bluetooth settings and allow Bluetooth pairing of peripheral devices such as external bar code imagers or to interact directly with your truck for Electronic Logging.


We capture and use the information described above to provide a personalized experience for our customers’ users as well as to provide the features and functionality required by the various apps.  We also use the collected information to improve our apps.


We share information with members of our corporate family to improve content and services and to enhance your experience.  We will also share with law enforcement or authorized third parties to comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules regarding transportation.


We protect your information using technical and administrative security measures to reduce the risks of loss or misuse.